Keeping The Transmission Cool & Smooth

At Dave Wilkes Transmission, we want to be your go-to torque converter service specialists. For years, we’ve helped vehicle owners all over Ventura, California and the surrounding areas with their converter problems, and we want to do the same for you. Our specialists take the time to evaluate the component, understand what the problem is, and determine what repair or maintenance service it needs. Using that information and their years of experience, they expertly perform the service to ensure your vehicle’s torque converter is properly regulating the fluid flowing through your vehicle’s transmission. Whether it’s minor shuddering or contaminated fluid, we can handle any issue the converter might experience.

Does Your Torque Converter Need Service?

The torque converter helps regulate the amount of fluid that flows through an automatic transmission and helps the engine function at a full stop. When this component starts to malfunction, it can quickly affect your driving experience and your vehicle’s performance, so it’s important to understand the signs so you can quickly spring into action. Not sure what the signs are? The Dave Wilkes team is here to help. Here are a couple signs of torque converter malfunction that you need to pay attention to!

Contaminated Fluid

Transmission fluid, which helps lubricate and clean the transmission, has a pinkish appearance to it and should have no particles or materials in it. If you inspect the fluid and notice that there’s a copious amount of black material within the fluid, that indicates something is wrong. This typically means that the transmission or torque converters clutches are damaged, both of which are bad to deal with.


If you start to feel your vehicle vibrate or shudder after reaching 30 to 45 mph, that could indicate that something is wrong with the torque converter. This is a little harder to pinpoint, as this symptom could also indicate other issues such as wheel misalignment. In any case, you should have this issue inspected and serviced as soon as possible to avoid any additional damage.

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Without a properly functioning torque converter, it becomes impossible to truly enjoy your vehicle and its performance. If you suspect something wrong with this component, make sure you schedule a service with Dave Wilkes Transmission, the transmission specialists in Ventura, California. At our shop on 6663 Ventura Boulevard, we understand just how important this component is to the transmission. We treat it with the quality, care, and precision it deserves. By the time your visit with us is over, you’ll forget the torque converter ever had any problems! For questions about our service or to schedule a service consultation, call our shop at (805) 656-7605 and speak with one of our specialists.