At Dave Wilkes Transmissions as transmission specialist our only area of repair is transmissions. Our staff has decades of experience with transmissions and have lived through all the changes the transmission industry has gone through and is changing more today than ever.

Your vehicle will be thoroughly evaluated prior to its service so that you will have the best options to meet the needs of your car. As transmission repair specialists, we are able to perform our evaluation and will give an estimate without removing the transmission from the car.

Call us today at (805) 656-7605 and schedule an appointment to have us perform an evaluation, and see why our team at Dave Wilkes Transmission provides the best transmission repair in Ventura!


Minor Transmission Repair

What controls transmissions today are computers, modules, solenoids, and sensors – many of them are not even in the transmission, and they can also used to control the engine. Many times what seems to be a major problem turns out to be a minor repair or not a transmission problem at all. There are times when we are able to perform repairs to the transmission without removing it from the vehicle. Some examples are Valvebody repairs & replacement and solenoid & sensor replacement. We also perform leak repairs.


Major Transmission Rebuilds

When there is an internal problem inside the transmission, the transmission will need to be removed from the vehicle and be disassembled. If this is necessary, we will give you an estimate before the transmission is removed. When this is performed we will completely disassemble and clean and inspect every part of the transmission. We replace all the parts in the master overhaul kit which includes all the clutches, band, o-ring, gaskets and seals. The torque converter is replaced. Updates are performed and any damage hard parts such as clutch drum, gears, shafts, pump and case are common examples. When this is completed the transmission is rebuilt to be like a new transmission. The complete transmission is then guaranteed.

Our List of Transmission Repair Services Includes:

  • Automatic Transmissions
  • Manual Transmissions
  • Transaxles
  • Foreign Cars
  • European Car
  • Light to Medium Trucks
  • Motor Homes
  • Older Classic Cars
  • Valvebody Repairs
  • Transmission Leak Repairs
  • C/V Axles
  • All Wheel Drive
  • Transfer Cases
  • Differentials
  • 4 Wheel Drive
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Clutches