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Important Transmission Services for Your 4×4 Vehicle

Your 4×4 vehicle’s transmission is sometimes put under a lot of strain. Today, it may be towing a heavy load. Tomorrow, perhaps it’s traveling off-road. Next week, you may even forget to shift back to 2WD before traveling at road speed or turning sharp corners. That can lead to a problem beyond ordinary strain–transmission wind up. Rest assured, however, that no matter how hard your transmission works, the ASE-certified technicians at Dave Wilkes Transmissions in Ventura, California, work just as hard. Owner Dave Wilkes has more than a half century of auto repair experience and employs knowledgeable, experienced experts who know just what you and your automobile’s transmission need.

Two of the Five W’s: What and Why

Perhaps you’re wondering what services we offer for your 4×4 transmission and why they matter. We’re glad to outline a few of them for you.

Draining and refilling–If your vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission, we can drain and refill this component for you. This will help ensure that you have a sufficient amount of fresh, clean transmission fluid. That’s necessary for lubrication as well as keeping the transmission cool enough to prevent damage. If you sport an automatic model, we can drain and refill the transfer case, front differential, and rear differential, as well. This service helps prevent transmission problems in much the same way as that described for a manual. Changing front differential fluid helps ease the stress of metal contacting metal. Therefore, this service keeps parts from wearing down prematurely. Likewise, exchange of rear differential fluid reduces noise and prevents gear seizure.

Automatic transmission flush–As you might surmise from the services described above, simply draining transmission fluid and adding new lubricant does not remove all the liquid. Some of it remains within related components unless it is purposefully taken out. One way to do this is through a transmission flush. This involves forcing transmission fluid in and back out through hoses until clean lubricant has replaced the old liquid. Thus, you can be assured that 100% of the transmission fluid is new and effective in protecting your 4×4’s transmission.

Before You Go Off-Road, Bring Your 4×4 Down the Road to Us

Protecting your 4WD transmission is important to vehicle operation and longevity. Before you take it on your next off-roading adventure, drive it down the traditional roadway to our repair shop. Dave Wilkes Transmissions can help you keep your transmission working as it should.

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