Keeping Your Transmission Going

At Dave Wilkes Transmission, we want all our customers to be driving a vehicle with a finely-tuned transmission system. For us, nothing is more satisfying than seeing our customers drive away from our shop happy with their vehicle’s performance. We want to provide the same thing to you, and we offer a comprehensive list of transmission services to help you get there. Our technicians take the time to evaluate your vehicle’s system and determine what’s wrong. Using that information and state-of-the-art equipment, they can quickly mend the problem and ensure the transmission is performing at its best. Visit our shop in Ventura, California and see what our team can do for you!

Is Your Transmission Struggling?

To ensure your vehicle’s transmission system is performing properly, it isn’t enough to just go through a regularly scheduled transmission service. To maintain performance and prevent issues, you also need to understand the signs of transmission trouble. Having this information allows you to get ahead of a problem before it worsens, which will help you avoid serious breakdowns and expensive service bills. Do you suspect transmission trouble in your vehicle? Here’s what you need to watch out for.

Leaking Fluid

Like motor oil, transmission fluid helps lubricate and clean the components found within the transmission. But unlike motor oil, the fluid is never burnt up or consumed. If you notice that the transmission fluid levels are low, that is a sure sign of a leak. Not only does this starve the system, but the leaking fluid can also damage other components within it. We can find and patch up the source of the leak, as well as fill the transmission with fresh fluid to ensure the system is always clean and lubricated.

Slipping Gear

Are the gears in your vehicle switching without action? Do you feel or hear a clunk or thud when the gears transition? Is there a delay in movement? If you experienced any of these issues, or even all three, that indicates your vehicle is suffering from gears “slipping” within the transmission. This is typically attributed to low transmission fluid levels and can be dangerous to drive with. It can also cause additional damage to the system, so we recommend a service with us as soon as possible!

Schedule a Service Today!

For you to experience peak performance from your vehicle, the transmission system needs to operate properly. Make sure that it’s always performing at its best by scheduling a transmission service with Dave Wilkes Transmission in Ventura, California. Our transmission specialists evaluate your vehicle’s transmission to determine what’s wrong and perform the necessary services using state-of-the-art tools and components. By the time your visit is over, your vehicle will be utilizing a smooth performing system! Want to schedule a visit or have questions about our extensive list of services? Call our shop at (805) 656-7605, as our specialists are always ready to help. If you’re in the area, stop by and check out our shop! We’re located on 6663 Ventura Boulevard, and we look forward to meeting your transmission service needs!