Automatic Transmission vs. Manual Transmission

Which is Better?

“Vehicles with an automatic transmission are better than those with manual transmissions,” is just an opinion! Honestly, to each his/her own! Personal preference is really what it comes down to. So what is a transmission anyway? And what is the draw to one or the other? The job of your vehicle’s transmission is to take power from the engine, increase it, and hand it over to the tires. Sounds easy right? As for what draws people to one or the other, it’s all just a matter of individual desire and comfort. Whichever is your cup of tea, Dave Wilkes Transmission in Ventura, California, is on standby in case you run into trouble, or are looking for a reputable auto shop to perform routine maintenance.


With an automatic transmission, advances in technology allow for the exchange of power to take place on its own. All you have to do is put your car, truck, or SUV in drive, step on the gas, or the brakes, and the transmission will switch gears on its own depending on the amount of pressure you apply to the pedal. It seems that anything automatic is easier to drive, especially for those who drive in stop-and-go traffic. But what about overall cost and repairs, does it cost more because of the technology involved? Yes, it does, due to the larger amount of parts and labor involved. Keep in mind, however, that with less human involvement in changing gears, there’s less chance of grinding and wear and tear.


In a manual transmission, the driver selects the gears they wish to engage by stepping on the clutch and positioning the gear shifter, or gear stick, accordingly. This does take away from the ease factor, but those who like to be in control may not consider this to be problematic at all. In fact, people who start driving on a “stick-shift” find it to be second nature. As for expenses, the cost of a manual vehicle is typically lower, as are repairs, due to them being less complex. With human control, however, comes human error. Too much uncoordinated foot and hand action will create faster deterioration, as will a great deal of around-town driving.


If it seems as though there’s no definitive answer to which is better, that’s because there’s not! It’s all about individual favor, therefore the verdict is still out, and will likely always be. Whichever transmission you have under the hood of your car, the ASE certified technicians at Dave Wilkes Transmission in Ventura California can service it. With financing options, free shuttle service, and downright good people, you can expect ease and expertise every time.

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