How To Change Transmission Fluid

Step by Step

Your car’s transmission fluid is responsible for cleaning and lubricating vital components and needs to be changed every so often. Because over time, it accumulates debris and grime, and it can affect the functionality of the car’s engine. Luckily, you can do a transmission fluid change on your own with a few easy steps. If you don’t have the tools or confident to perform fluid service at home, contact Dave Wilkes Transmission in Ventura, California for assistance! We would be happy to help!

Drain the Fluid

First, you need to remove all the transmission fluid from your vehicle. Let your car idle for several minutes before doing this, so the fluid has a chance to cool down. You don’t want to spill or get burned by hot fluid!

Clean Gasket Surfaces

From there, you can loosen all of the bolts, so that you can tilt the pan. This is easier to do with the car lifted. Once the gasket surfaces are exposed, you should clean them. Make sure to inspect for signs of damage before installing back in your car. If you aren’t sure what to look for, let an expert in on the task.

Install a New Filter

You should remove the old transmission O-ring and filter. The filter will still have fluid in it, so make sure your drain pan is still handy to prevent spills. Afterward, you can install the new filter.

Attach a New Gasket

You can attach a new gasket to the pan. If you have any questions or concerns about using a thread sealer in the system, then you should consult with the service manual. Once you have the correct fasteners, you can tighten them in position. From there, torque the pan bolts.

Lower Your Vehicle

After that, you are all done. You can lower your car and fill it with the proper amount of transmission fluid. You can start your vehicle, but before you go on the road, you should check to make sure there are not any leaks. If there are not, then you are ready to drive around Ventura once again.

You can definitely do a transmission fluid change on your own with the right tools and knowledge. However, if you require some assistance, then do not hesitate to bring your car to Dave Wilkes Transmissions in Ventura, California. Contact our transmission specialists to get your car running safely. We look forward to helping you!

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