Keep Transmission Troubles At Bay

Protect Your Clutch with Better Driving Habits

If you have a manual-transmission vehicle, it’s crucial to take care of your clutch. If you don’t, your car could end up having transmission troubles that are expensive to fix and a headache to deal with.

Luckily, there are plenty of healthy driving habits you can start using right now to prolong the life of your clutch and transmission. The transmission repair experts at Dave Wilkes Transmissions in Ventura, CA, are here to explain a few driving habits that will promote clutch care.

Better Shifting

One of the biggest differences between a manual and an automatic transmission is the way the car handles. With a manual transmission, the driver must shift gears themselves. If you don’t know how to properly shift between gears, you could blow out your clutch and damage your transmission. You must always shift to a different gear only after the clutch is fully disengaged. Failing to do so can cause premature warping of the disc and dampener springs.

While Driving on Hills

Never, ever use your clutch as a makeshift brake when you’re driving down a steep hill. In fact, you should never be doing this at all, even on flat roadways. If you’re nervous that your car might roll if you’re on a steep hill, engage your emergency brake instead to keep your vehicle locked in place.

Burnout and Towing

If you plan on hauling heavy loads, ensure your vehicle has the towing capacity needed to get the job done. Never tow more than your truck is capable of. This will instantly burn out your clutch. And while we’re on the topic of burnouts, don’t peel out from a red light in order to showcase your car’s speed skills. This will damage your clutch and transmission.

Transmission Troubles? We’ve Got You Covered

If you need transmission repair services, call the automotive repair technicians at Dave Wilkes Transmissions in Ventura, CA, today. We’ve been offering high-quality car care to our customers for over 30 years. Call us at (805) 656-7605 now to book your appointment.

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