Performance Transmissions in Ventura, California

Wow! Now That’s Performance.

The Benefits of a Performance Transmission

If you enjoy a great drive, perhaps you’ll want to consider upgrading to a performance transmission. The difference you’ll experience will likely leave you exclaiming, “Wow! Now that’s performance.” If you think you might want to make this shift in components, come have a conversation with us at Dave Wilkes Transmissions in Ventura, California. Our staff members each have years of experience and a wealth of expertise. Whether you’re trying to protect the unit you already have with preventive maintenance services, struggling with a transmission that needs repair or a rebuild, facing the prospect of replacing the entire transmission, or considering the joy of performance driving, we’re the auto shop for you.

The Benefits of a Performance Transmission

As you probably already know, your automobile’s transmission ensures that the power generated by the engine can be used to turn the wheels such that your car moves. Many drivers assume that upgrading to a performance transmission is a move for racers who want to reach top speeds quickly without a redline blowup. It is, but that’s not all it’s good for. There are many benefits to the higher-end unit. Perhaps you’re not a professional course driver, but you enjoy the additional pep of a quick pick-up. The performance transmission will accommodate your pleasure without the strain that would otherwise be placed on a standard component. Also, this allows for a “happy medium” between a race car and a street legal daily driver. It allows you to have a muscle car or restomod that you feel great about, yet you can operate it sensibly and safely on public roadways. There are more practical advantages, too. Better transfer of power means that your engine doesn’t have to work so hard to turn the wheels as quickly as needed to maintain your desired speed. Ultimately, this saves gas and money. What’s more, the upgraded unit will also add some dollars to the value of your vehicle. Thus, you open your wallet now to make the transmission change, but you watch it thicken back up with the money saved over time. Finally, the higher demand component is less likely to overheat. This results in a decreased likelihood of transmission failure that will leave you stranded.

Your Local Reputable Transmission Repair Shop

Dave Wilkes Transmissions is the local reputable shop to help you with all your transmission needs. We’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau, a AAA affiliate, an ATRA member, and an ASE-certified shop. Whether you need help checking your transmission fluid, a fluid exchange or flush, repair, or even a switch out to a new high-performance transmission, you can feel good entrusting your vehicle to us.

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