Understanding What the Transmission Does

The Basics of Vehicle Transmissions

Without a working transmission, a car can’t go anywhere. That’s why it’s essential to get these repairs whenever necessary. The experts at Dave Wilkes Transmissions can help to diagnose the severity of your transmission issues.

The transmission system is a gearbox that uses a system of gears and gear trains to send torque and speed conversions from the engine to the drive wheels. In simpler terms, the transmission system’s job is to make sure your vehicle’s wheels receive the right amount of power to maintain a specific speed.

How Manual Transmission Works

A manual transmission works very similarly to a bicycle gear shifter, but it’s much more powerful. Although your vehicle’s transmission doesn’t have a chain as a bicycle does, both still work similarly. For example, the transmission and engine in a manual vehicle may temporarily need to be disconnected when shifting. It is similar to the way the chain on a bicycle temporarily lifts off the gears when you shift it. The clutch in your car temporarily disconnects the transmission and engine while you adjust gears.

How Automatic Transmission Works

An automatic transmission doesn’t require manually engaging the clutch to shift gears. Instead, it does everything for you automatically. An automatic vehicle has a torque converter that keeps track of acceleration and deceleration changes. It automatically shifts to an appropriate gear in response to those changes.

How to Keep Your Transmission Working

To keep your transmission working correctly, you need to have it regularly maintained and serviced in Ventura, CA. You also need to receive transmission repair if you notice any signs of trouble. Common indications of transmission issues include:

  • Leaking transmission fluid
  • Clunking and whining noises
  • Delayed shifting
  • Noisy sounds while in neutral
  • Grinding noises when you shift gears
  • Burning smell coming from the engine
  • Check engine light

If you notice any of these problems, it’s wise to take your vehicle to the shop right away. Some transmission issues can be repaired when caught early. If left unrepaired, however, common transmission issues may become irreparable and require transmission replacement.

Schedule Your Transmission Repair

If you think your vehicle may need transmission repair, schedule your service without delay. You can contact Dave Wilkes Transmissions for all your transmission needs.

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